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Extract from "Sense" New Year 2009

Chris Smith
BY DAY: Lorry driver
BY NIGHT: Writer
Chris has always wanted to be a writer, but can't risk giving up the day job, so he writes in his spare time. His first book, Why Don't You Fly?, a humorous travelogue about his experiences cycling from Bewdley to Beijing, was self-published. He is now working on a second book, provisionally entitled Karl Marx and Careful Driving.
"Writing a book is a huge commitment. I have been getting up at 4am to fit in a couple of hours at the computer. I reduced my working week from five days to four, and had to tighten my belt - but I get an extra day to write.
"The day job is ideal because it allows me time to think while I drive my lorry. When I am driving, sometimes I get an idea that's so good I have to stop at the next lay-by or service station to write it down.
"Although I couldn't get a mainstream publisher for my first book, I found one where I paid for the first print run and got royalties as a percentage of sales. Royalties from trade sales of the book have more than paid off the printing fee and there is no sign of them tailing off.
"It's my dream to give up the day job so I can write and lecture full-time. Being relatively unknown is a problem, but I've already written and published a book that is continuing to sell, and it had good press reviews and great reader feedback. I am hoping that this will help when I approach agents with the new one."
For more information, see cycleuktochina.com (this web site!)


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